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LINIX Solar is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the design and installation of photovoltaic systems(PV systems) and is the member of the Zhejiang Federation of Industry Association, the China Renewable Energy Society, China Illuminating Engineering Society, is one of the most professional organizations engaged in the PV system design and installation, the business scale is on the top list in domestic market.

Since 2010 LINIX Solar has been focused on solar photovoltaic industry, adhering to taking the technology as the guide, developing on basis of cooperation, through the cooperation with a number of Asia and Europe companies to develop PV system design and installation business. The joint efforts of LINIX Solar and partners created considerable achievements in the PV power system markets, especially for a large number of security, telecommunications projects, solar home power systems, on-grid and off-grid systems etc .The company get a good reputation among customers. At present, at home and abroad, through the close & complementary cooperation with Architects, Builders, Installers and New Energy Capitals enterprises, LINIX Solar energetically develops the design and installation business of the large-scaled on grid-connected PV system in both of domestic and overseas markets.

LINIX Solar is looking forward to all of our customers and partners to embrace closer and closer together with the "Solar Age" and "Green Age"!



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